How do I know which blinds are right for my house?

Blinds are a popular choiceamongst homeowners due to their easy, simple-to-use design along with the wide variety of styles they come in. You can eitheropen them up for more sunlight, ordraw them tight for added privacy. Aluminum or wood slat blinds were the main options for decades, but advances in soft top materials have made faux wood blinds a sought after and durable choice.

Some blinds are better at darkening rooms than others, with benefits like tight-fitting or routeless slats. Other blinds are specifically created for large sliding doors, or developed to withstand great humidity and dampnesslike you would find in warmer climates or bathrooms. You can opt to get blinds in stock sizes or order custom blinds made to suit your specific window sizes for the perfect fit. By adding these additions to your home you’ll give your space the added privacy and protection from the sun that it, and your family, deserve.